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Richard has recently completed his debut album, 'Because Of You' which showcases many of the musicals he has been part of during his career as well as some personal favourites and those close to his heart.

'Because Of You'
It is now available to download on

Or in CD format

(CDs signed on request)

Album Reviews  

Richard Woodford, 'Because Of You'


"an absolute must for any modern musical theatre fan ... an excellent showcase from a supremely talented and versatile performer ... Woodford's vocals are stunning ... new arrangements work brilliantly well ... Woodford is joyful to listen to and he gives one of the finest male vocals I've heard in a long time."

Jenny Antill, BroadwayWorldUK



"Because Of You requires a big voice. Thankfully, Woodford delivers ... beautiful song choices are matched in quality by first rate vocals from both the tenor and guest vocalists ... an album full of gems, it is difficult to pick a single highlight ... a fine feather in SimG's cap. Excellent!"

Holly Spanner, Reviews Hub ★★★★



"It's about time we heard from Richard Woodford ... There is no denying the talent on this album, especially the amazing voice of Woodford himself, and it is certain one to add to the Xmas list"

Nick Wakeham, Musical Theatre Review



9/10 " a great programme - a mix of the traditional and the not-so ... a few 'standards', which despite being (too) well used over the years, I don't think I've heard much better than here. The CD packaging, artwork and production are of course excellent and the overall album is one that Richard and SimG should be very proud of."

Ian Gude, Review Graveyard



"a wonderfully varied list of musical theatre classics as well as a few newer treats thrown in ... Woodford's voice adapts beautifully to several different musical styles ... orchestrations are well worth a mention, a particular highlight being a gorgeous stripped back acoustic version of 'Bring Him Home' ... 'Till I Hear You Sing' is breathtaking ... another cracker of an album from SimG"

Laura Cooper, WestEndWilma



'Til I Hear You Sing'
from Richard's debut album
'Because Of You'

(CD's signed on request)

'Bring Him Home' 
from Richard's debut album
'Because Of You'

(CD's signed on request)

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